Why Participate

  • Because in recent years the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) and the City of Athens have joined forces and efforts to organise together in a unique way a mass sports event in the city center.
  • Because the appeal and charm of Athens Half Marathon, a race for everyone in the city center, has surpassed the country's borders. Individual runners and organised clubs from various countries of the world are already planning their participation in the Athens Half Marathon.
  • Because Athens Half Marathon has been transformed into a great national, cultural, tourist and sports event, which is addressed to all the citizens, of not only the city but also of the entire country, through the different races it includes (Half Marathon, 5 km Race, 3 km Race, 1 km Race for kids and people with disabilities).
  • Βecause it will be visited by more than 20,000 runners.

    We invite you to participate in Athens Half Marathon Expo, which will offer you exactly what your company needs : Promotion, Customers, Contacts, Support, Success.

    • Access to over 40,000 consumers of the most dynamic target groups, with the lowest cost possible.
    • Direct contact with more than 10,000 professionals of the sector.
    • Sales development, customer database expansion and contact with new potential customers.
    • Ideal opportunity for launching new products and services as well as for improving corporate brand profile.
    • Ideal occasion for displaying products and services to opinion makers (media, journalists, etc).
    • Development of new markets, beyond traditional distribution channels.